• One Way Clutch with Torque Arm (Indexing clutch) (BSEU)

BSEU series Cam Clutch was developed as European style Backstopping Cam Clutch which has easy usage. It has Cam & Roller construction that the roller works as a bearing same as the small size BS series Cam Clutch. The outer race has special shape which was combined the torque arm, so only stopping the rotation is required. You can select the correct model from various bore size from 20 mm to 90 mm in each 5 mm. Backstopping for the country elevator or the foods conveying conveyor which is used in the factory is the recommendation. Tsubaki recommends BS series Cam Clutch in the very dusty environment condition or the inclined conveyor and the bucket elevator which are used in outside location.

One Way Clutch with Torque Arm (Indexing clutch) (BSEU)

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